Result Trading Signals Februari 2017

Result Trading Signals

Result Trading Signals. Here, we are only just follow many good trades with expert trading who has experienced 12 years of business trading (insider fx trading), not academics trading who is understand only theory. Oketrader provide evidence not just promises. Last month result of signal has 90% success rate, total earn profit +2468 pips a month (20 work days).


Result Trading Signals – Februari 2017


63 Quality Signal Trading (Februari 2017)

60 Open Position (Februari 2017)

3 Limit Order No Touch (Februari 2017)

57 Profit Position —> +2818 pips (Februari 2017)

6 Loss Position —> -350 pips (Februari 2017)

10 Position HIT TP —> +1410 pips (Februari 2017)

37 Position HIT Stop Profit —> +1050 pips (Februari 2017)

TOTAL EARN PROFIT —> +2468 pips (Februari 2017)

SUCCESS RATE —> 90% (Februari 2017)



It means we can get profit $24.680 in reguler account ($10/pip) or $2.468 in mini account ($1/pip). Reguler needs minimal $20.000 of capital while mini needs minimal $2.000, & this means we can earn profit 123,4% a month with our strategy. Nothing impossible in FX Trading.

So, follow us on daily signal if you can trading, fee start on $30/month.

What are you waiting for?

We Giving Proof Not Just Promises !!