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Trading Class. Discussions at Trading Class Oketrader will be structured so that each aspect can be understood as clearly as possible. The material that the E-Class will present, apart from our forex trading experience also quotes from credible sources. Enjoy it …. ….

Education Trading Class (E-Class)

In trading class, some topics are something you might already know, ever read or heard about the world FX (Forex eXchange). But will be discussed from many different perspectives so that you get balanced information about the world of financially, especially FX trading.

There are still many misconceptions about the FX, which is reflected in the questions or comments of every trader. It is not something new, because it is common knowledge that the less you know about the actual FX world, the better for those players in this industry. Hopefully this can complement our understanding of the world FX.

Resource materials that will be delivered from several financial magazines such as Barron’s, Traders Magazine, Euromoney, BIS Report, literature from the Fed of NY, as well as some trading books is quite representative.

Forex trading has become a magnet for investors and speculators around the world. There have been many books and literature that discusses the FX world, whether it be a basic introduction, analysis, and trading system. Most of these books are written by people who are competent in their fields, but unfortunately they are not an actors directly who involved in day-to-day FX operational. Arguably the most speakers is outsider, little is indeed an insider. Admittedly we have difficulty in sorting out who’s an insider or outsider, almost all of them claim to expert or teacher.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that FX is an elegant business, FX of trading when in fact no more than a “slaughterhouse” where the massacre took place every day, especially for beginners who chopped every day. FX of trading volume of extraordinary magnitude, where every day that winning and losing only just be seen from the P / L, causing the emergence of literature sometimes misleading even often deceptive, that gave promise of heaven that trading is “easy”.

Trading Class

If it is so easy these FX of trading, certainly little possibility the caliber of investor Warren Buffet had a loss of $ 850 million, or the snapper speculator George “King” Soros lost $ 600 million twice in 1994. What they did not read the books of trading FX? If the legend of this kind to a loss of up to billions of million dollars, what makes us assume that FX is easy?


FX Battlefield – We Must Prepare It

Retail traders may feel there is a “missing link” between the trading experience everyday with what is written by academics (with a bit of experience trading) or written by scammers. We know that the FX market has now reached almost every layer of society with great hope to be able to be a vehicle to wealth. However there are forgotten, especially by beginners, that they are actually being to set foot in the battlefield. Where it has been strewn before the remnants of “account trader” and their “genius trading system”.

Trading Class

Many mentioned that 90% of traders do not last long, but it will not be found in the publicity of the FX broker, as many are in secret. To be able to achieve a profit, retail traders should realize that fundamentally this market was built by professionals. And for the professionals, the building was good, both in terms of conventions and procedures.

In financial markets, the effect of retail can be called a small (though growing), the fire of hope for success often extinguished on the way. Retail FX brokers are springing up more and more, they will exert every effort so that many people believe that FX trading is a high-grade financial investments. When in fact, using the trading way most people randomly, and with the fraudulent business practices broker dirty, make FX spot trading more like a casino in Las Vegas than it looks on Wall Street.

Is no wonder if eventually many people who opposed this FX trading activity. And there are many who get rejection from family and closest person. Because for them the layman, it looks more striking aspects of gambling..


FX Players – We Should Know

We need to understand the motivation was the money market and in order to really understand market movements.

Although more than half the turnover FX handled by the interbank market (trading between banks), the percentage is decline because the growth of the participation of generation of new investors are increasingly sophisticated, such as hedge funds and CTA are increasingly showing their identity amid the competition incumbents (global banks).

Therefore these actors are divided into four major groups namely the : FX dealers (market maker), corporate, speculators, and central banks.


Learn Many Topics of Oketrader Education Trading Class

Actually, many retail traders who have a great trading plan system, but still scored many losses. They see profit opportunities, but could not pick it. It feels like there is missing link …. But what?

Although he studied the chart for hours, doing various of analysis, studying the formation of the candle, and view historical price. They dismiss something. Rarely they know there is the number one killer in the world of FX, the forex dealer. The character shadows targeting small speculators, are a team in FX broker who has a big hand to change a winning trade into a losing trade in an instant.

How often do you see the price hits stop, before turning again and leave the stop as a high / low of the day? Bad luck? It’s possible, but what if it happens more than once? Ever feel that as if the market “deliberately targeting” you? At this zero sum game, the answer is yes.

Like it or not, this market is unfair to small clients, we will discuss them further to detect and prepare tactics for it, even taking advantage of it with a counter attack.

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