EA -Expert Advisor (Robot) – Auto Algorithmic Trading System


EA -Expert Advisor (Robot).


Fully automated algorithmic trading system, the result of 6 months of coding & live testing and 12 years of full time trading experience.

Philosophy : To achieve high profits, there should be controlled losses.

Objective : High half annual growth, with medium drawdown.


Expert Advisor OketraderCode : EA1027

Expert Advisor Oketrader – Trending AUDUSD H4

Type :  Trending Follower

Price : $ 149.99

The Expert Advisor works & setting only H4 timeframe and AUDUSD symbols. The robot analyzes the good position Trending H4 and slope angle of their periods set in the settings. Also, the settings allow to set calculate a Trend position.


EA Advantages

  • Grid, martingale, hedge & arbitrage are never used

  • Low leverage 1 : 100 up

  • Start from $ 50 initial

  • The recommended lots value is 0.02 every $50 (but standart is 0.01 for safety)

  • Stop loss is always used by automatic lower reversal trending, but not show (because its FX dealer target 🙂 ) 

  • Stop profit is always used by automatic upper reversal trending max, but not show 

  • High half annual growth 600-800%

  • Medium drawdown 50-15%, because we trying to used all initial

  • Only one (1) open position at a time (FIFO compliant) SAFETY TRADING !

  • Low average position holding time, offers extra protection against unexpected events

  • Fully or Semi Automated EA trading, with or without human intervention

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