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Daily Signals. Most of the trading books are written by people who are not an actors directly who involved in day-to-day FX operational. We are not person academy of trading. We are an insider FX World. Quality Trading Signals, Setup Chart & Education Class in daily page, email & whatsapp, created from traders with 12 years insider FX experience.



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    —> Follow when & which one the master position trade, entry & exit maximal point too


Daily Signals

Daily Signals.



    —> Knowing how & why the position trade making, with any reason & quality aspect, then we can do trade like a fund manager

  • In the financial markets we know that “every action creates an equal and opposite reaction” as a price movement up or down must be followed by a contrary movement. Price action is divided into trends and corrections or sideways movements. Trends show the main direction of prices while corrections move against the trend. Elliott labeled these “impulsive” and “corrective” waves.


Daily Signals

 Setup Chart.


We need to understand too the reason was the money market and in order to really understand market movements. Although more than half the turnover FX handled by the interbank market (trading between banks), the percentage is decline because the growth of the participation of generation of new investors are increasingly sophisticated, such as hedge funds and CTA are increasingly showing their identity amid the competition incumbents (global banks). Therefore these actors are divided into four major groups namely the :

  • market maker,

  • corporate,

  • speculators,

  • and central banks.

FX market perpetrators neatly arranged in a hierarchical shape pyramid, where the people who occupy the top position certainly has the information and share it to occupants the pyramid underneath. In the financial world, whose names are lower-class occupants of a pyramid were occupied by the “public”, in general is the unsophisticated retail consumers. Because banks and brokers apply as giver, so if you are a retail trader who pays a spread 5 pips to gain 20 pips trade then it could be said that you fall into the category of “Public”.


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